Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Book Contract

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On June 6, 2017, I signed a book contract with Llewellyn Worldwide. They are going to publish my book, HOW TO BECOME A MEDIUM! I am thrilled and full of gratitude. I'm writing away like a mad woman and will provide them with a completed manuscript by December 1. I will keep you posted.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Massage Tutoring with Sharon!

*New* Massage Tutoring with Sharon! 

Massage tutoring sessions with Sharon are now available at Dragonfly Healing Arts. This is a great idea for massage therapists and anyone else who wants to enhance their massage skills. 

Do you want help:

  • Giving deep pressure? 
  • Integrating energy healing into a massage? 
  • Working with the neck? 
  • Massaging the feet? 
  • Pacing? 
  • Getting comfortable with draping?
  • Something else? 

Sessions are designed to meet your needs and availability. Sharon has 29 years experience with massage therapy, and spent over a decade mentoring massage therapists.

One hour: $60
Three or more 1-hour sessions: $55 per hour
Call 860 989-2358 for more information or to schedule a session. Gift Certificates available.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mommy and Me Reiki

I received an email from a woman saying, “Since you are a healer maybe you or someone you know can help me with “Lisa.” She has had 4 ear infections, 4 urinary tract infections, colds, pink eye, poor eating and the c-diff. She is 10 months old and there is always something going on with her. Is there any type of holistic medicine or anything that can help me with her?”

I suggested she contact Dorothy (one of my mentors), maybe take her to a naturopathic physician, and offered to give the baby a Reiki session. They came in the next week.

Lisa was fussy when we started. Her mother and I sat on a massage table facing each other, with Lisa in her mom’s arms. I started the session by putting my hands on Mom’s legs and sending healing into mother and child. Next, I did off-body healing on Lisa, working with her energy field. Mom and I watched as Lisa melted into deep relaxation. I was then able to do hands-on healing and Lisa relaxed even more, until she fell asleep nestled into her mom.

My heart expanded and I cried as this beautiful child embraced healing energy and let herself feel safe. Mom cried with relief and love as her daughter found peace, and because she could hold her without fussing for the first time in weeks. The session was overwhelming, beautiful, and successful. Lisa slept on the way home and later happily ate and drank more than she had in months.

The following day Mom took Lisa to the “Feeding Team,” where she had waited weeks to get an appointment since the baby had been eating poorly and not gaining weight. Lisa ate and drank so well at the appointment that the staff were confused as to why she was there!

It has been three weeks since the Reiki and Lisa has been healthy, lets herself be held, and continues to eat well. She is getting “fat,” her mom says with a big smile. She told me, “You changed her back into the baby she was before she got sick.”

This experience has inspired me to provide a new service at Dragonfly Healing Arts; Mommy and me Reiki, open to dads also! Bring your baby or young child for tandem healing in a flexible way that works for both of you. I am offering special prices for the first five children. Please call for an appointment at 860 989-2358, or email sharon@sharonfarber.net.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Class: Business 101 for Mediums and Healers

Sunday, April 9: Business 101 for Mediums and Healers

with Sharon Farber, LMT, Healer, Artist, Medium at Dragonfly Healing Arts
8 Wickett Street, Pine Meadow, CT 869 989-2358 www.dragonflyhealingarts.net
  • 3:30 – 5 pm
  • Lecture with time for Q & A
  • $25
Topics Include:
  • When to charge, what to charge and how to charge
  • Creating an office space (in your home, rent, share)
  • Setting boundaries (client relationships, no show and late clients…)
  • Finding clients (advertising, internet options like Facebook and Groupon)
  • Setting boundaries (client relationships, no show and late clients…)
  • Pacing and self care